Slave Scarlett

I am a submissive continuing my journey through life.

It has been quite a quiet life until I met a dominant man who helped me realize that my dream of being a 24/7 slave could come true.

I had led quite a sheltered life, not a social butterfly at all, just being a good catholic girl, working hard and trying to be a good daughter. Privately I devoured what information I could find regarding BDSM, admittedly mostly erotic fiction, but even though what is written in those books is just fantasy, it became my day time dreaming, and enduring vision. As my interest grew I found more and more information on the internet.

Fate was my savior, as one Sunday I met the man who is now my Master.

Something clicked immediately.

Looking back now allows me to see that a change in my personal life was needed. Within the space of four months we had got to know each other well enough to actually meet up.

I was ready to make the plunge and here I am, a 24/7 slave living with my Master in a TPE-relationship, my dream come true, I felt truly at home.

Submission is a lifelong journey, I struggle yes, and so does every other submissive as they try to allow themselves to fully embrace this lifestyle. It's not easy letting someone else make the decisions and then abiding by them without any complaint. But when I do, the feeling of freedom is worth the struggle. To kneel on the floor next to Master and lay my head in his lap is bliss for me, in those moments the world disappears and all that matters is my Master and his happiness.

After all, if Master is happy so am I.