Stoltz Sinatra

Owner and Host

I am a provocateur, thinker, analytical, Dominant and BDSM-lifestyler.

I work against prejudice towards alternative sexualities through writing, education, debate and a continuous dialogue based on a willingness to listen.

Change is a constant force in the universe and I want to be a part of that force.

I am living my dream in a 24/7 TPE-relationship together with my Master. Submissive by nature, slave at heart.

Honesty and new ideas are my guiding beacons. I am a collector of new experiences and through intelligent discussions I challenge my outlook on life. With an open mind I embrace the unknown.

Being the redhead I am, bring it on!

I´m a strong, honest, non apologetic lifestyle Mistress. I´m in a poly relationship with one equal man as my main partner and in a TPE-relationship with my slave.

I kick politeness in the ass so I can be honest and true to myself. Love me, hate me but whatever you do, don’t be indifferent.

When will you admit that I am truly amazing?