We want your opinion, we want your voice on specific matters about BDSM – It is your opinion that drives the “Voices of BDSM” podcast.

There are controversial questions have been asked within the BDSM community forever and we want to deal with some of them.

The first one is a famous one:

Are slaves or subs allowed to say “No”?

We believe that slaves and submissives should not be allowed to say “No” as it would affect a lot of things related to the dynamics of BDSM.

Now we want your opinion and the reasoning behind it, let us know what you believe in. Let us now if you agree with us or if you think we are idiots who are totally wrong.

We will bring you into the “Voices of BDSM” podcast if you leave us voice mail or we will read from the email you have sent us. All participation is based on anonymity.