Do you think that pony play is related to zoophilia or that it is something for weird people and that it has nothing to do with BDSM?

Be prepared to get challenged, because you are wrong and we have a half hour-long podcast to prove it.

Rebecca Wilcox is well-known as a pony play trainer, she has even written a book on the subject. In other words; she is simply an expert on the subject. That is why we decided to interview her and ask her questions about pony play and the pony play community

While pony play might seem strange to some of you it is no different than other BDSM activities, it’s all about the headspace. Rebecca explains to us that being in a certain headspace is what drives human pony. Some practitioners might include sex and BDSM activities while others are satisfied with being the headspace.

Rebecca Wilcox has a vast experience from training real horses, which she clearly states is something that she can rely on when she goes into pony play.

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