Electro play is a favorite thing of mine, as some of you might already know.

Nothing gets my mind working like a violet wand or a TENS. Everything that can be used to administer pain, or pleasure for that matter, are up for grabs in the realm of electro play.

Electro play is interesting because it is built upon our fear of electricity, people get shivers down their spines when you mention that you enjoy administer electrical shocks to your partner. But in reality it is about the raw honesty in the reactions that you receive. Fear and electricity is a combination which brings out raw primal reactions in most people and to be on the receiving end of those reactions is the satisfaction itself, to be in control. It is a position that brings out the sadist in most people, whether they are into electro play or not.

The Taser photoshoot is an interesting project, which has a loud and clear reference to electro play. Photographer Patric Hall has taken pictures of people using a taser on friends and partners. He managed to get a 100 people to take part in his experiment as he took pictures of both the person that used the taser and the one subjected to it. He also filmed the whole ordeal in slow motion which is the most interesting part. You can clearly see in the video below how the facial expressions change as people go through the experience and one thing is striking; The, sometimes, sadistic joy which shines through in the factual expressions, the joy of tormenting someone with a taser, sending 3000 volts through their bodies while they squirm in agony, joy, cries and laughter.

In other words, they were all doing some kind of electro play.

Patrick Hall also states that some of the women looked like they were having a “pleasurable moment” when the taser was used on them. This is yet another proof of the line between pleasure and pain being thin, very thin.

This is simply electro play gone vanilla.

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